Whether it's heavy off-roading, or crawling through your local mall, feel secure and add some style to your ride.

Future plans & Announcements

Please anticipate a 1-2 week production time for most orders as all products are hand crafted here in North Carolina!

Throughout the next couple months i have a few more products in mind.  I now have my original PARAhandle logo decals listed, as well as NC themed brand decals, and even some dirt bike decals. In other news, I have a few Promotions, Discounts, and Sponsorships coming soon. I am always open to new & custom projects, shoot me a text or email!

New Products: Mega-Headrest Handle, Decals, Custom Wrapped Stock Handles

Upcoming Products: Monkey Fists, American Flag Themes, Bottle Openers, More decals, APPAREL. 

Info on Apparel: Adding sweatshirts and trucker style hats with PARAhandles logo, As well as T-Shirts. Be on the lookout and get your size!